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Winter Projects 2023-2024

Our goal this winter was to complete the upgrades to the Harmon Woods Sugarbush to optimize out sap production using vacuum that was installed December 2017. We installed 2000' of 1.5" diameter mainline and 1000' of 1" mailine on the east side of the woods.1000' of mainline was installed in the far west section. Lateral lines were rerouted, new trees were added and drops replaced. 300 drops were replaced in the west section and 700 drops in the east section. There are 4500 total drops so we reworked about 25%. We completed the upgrades the first week of January before the sub zero weather set in.

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Voted Best Tasting Maple Syrup

Tattersall River Falls hosted the first annual Maplefest February 17th. Attendees tasted samples from many maple syrup suppliers and voted Weiss Woods Maple Syrup as the best tasting pure maple syrup


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of Plum Creek

Weiss Woods

Voted best at 2024 Tattersall Maplefest

Wisconsin's Finest

Maple Syrup

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