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About Weiss Woods Maple Syrup

Weiss Woods of Plum Creek Maple Syrup LLC, is a fourth generation family of maple syrup producers located in the woodland hills of Plum City in western Wisconsin.   Their all natural, pure maple syrup has been locally made from seasoned maple trees for over thirty years.

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Our History

The history of making maple syrup in the driftless area of western Wisconsin by the Weiss Family goes back many years. Gene Weiss’ father-in-law, George Radle, learned the art of maple syrup production from his brother-in-law, Joe Harmon, in the 1940’s.  The maple sugar shack could be found in the Harmon Woods located on Maple Ridge in Waterville Township, Pepin County.   George then started his own maple syrup business at his farm in Little Arkansaw Valley, Pepin County.  In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Weiss grandchildren would help Grandpa George collect sap and watch him boil it down to syrup, thus transcending the knowledge to the future.  

In 1989, Jim Weiss and his dad, Gene, purchased a farm next to their home farm that had a beautiful woodland of maples.  In the fall of 1990, trees were identified for tapping the next spring.   Gene and his sons, Jim, Doug, Dave, Bruce, Kevin and Brent tapped 75 trees.   To meet the increased demand for their syrup, expansion was needed.  

In 1998, Gene and his sons purchased the Harmon Woods as well as maple woodlands in Devil’s Gate gorge.   Sap production has increased by adding more taps each year.  Today, over 5,300 taps are used between all of the maple woodlands.  In the year 2000, our website,,  was created to make Weiss Woods of Plum Creek maple syrup available to customers throughout the country.

Finally, Weiss Woods of Plum Creek Syrup LLC was organized in 2014 to transition the business to the next Weiss generation.   This ensures that Weiss Woods of Plum Creek maple syrup will  be  available to maple syrup lovers far into the future.    

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Weiss Woods

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