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Quality That's Second to None

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Weiss Woods Quality Maple Syrup

Weiss Woods of Plum Creek takes pride in producing the best quality of maple syrup available to its customers. Our high standards meet the needs of our customers as well as required government regulations according to the following categories:



Weiss Woods syrup is made entirely from sugar maple sap and has been boiled to a minimum of 66° Brix or 7° above the boiling point of water. Pure maple syrup processed is made with only food grade equipment in a sanitary manner, stored in food safe containers and meets the accepted state and USDA standards for density and grade.

Defoamer/Filter Aid

Only certified defoamer and filter aids are accepted. This means that no meat or dairy products may be used as a defoamer in the maple syrup. 


No regulated food allergens come into contact with the pure maple syrup or be used as a defoamer. This includes all dairy products (milk, cream, and butter), soy, and any oils produced from tree nuts or peanuts. 


We commit to work toward producing maple syrup entirely with production and/or packing equipment that is free of any lead containing surfaces.

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Employment Practices

Fair and ethical labor practices have been followed in the making of pure maple syrup. Local regulations relating to labor, compensation, work hours, health and safety are followed. Employees are treated with respect and dignity. No forced labor is used. 

Forest Management

The Weiss Woods sugar bush is managed carefully through a variety of methods. These may include: appropriate tapping techniques, managing forest growth, facilitating healthy biodiversity, and/or working with local DNR foresters. Trees used for sap harvesting have not been treated with pesticides.

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of Plum Creek

Weiss Woods

Voted best at 2024 Tattersall Maplefest

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Maple Syrup

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