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2023 Sugaring Season Review

We had a better than average season with 30% increase in syrup production from 2022. We tapped trees March 4-6 and started collecting sap March 5th. The last collection date was April 11th. It was a season with deep snow for the entire season until the week of April 9th when the temperatures soared into the 70's and 80's which melted all of the snow and the trees started to bud out. Prior to the season we installed 3200' of new 1.25" and 1000' of new 1.0" mainline along with a new collection booster. During the season we had a failure of the Harmon Woods transfer pump (it had pumped 350,000 gallons of sap over the last 5 years) and the vacuum pump (Jim's 40yr old surge / alamo vacuum pump). It was the first maple season for our new 30'x56' visitors & storage center on Hatchery Rd.

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